Assessment Centre

Definition: An assessment center is a method used to determine the suitability of individuals for a particular position. It consists of a series of interviews conducted by an assessor who has knowledge relevant to the job. 

An assessment center evaluates potential candidates using various criteria. These may include prior job experience, technical competency, knowledge of corporate procedures, work history, and financial record, character, and integrity, interpersonal skills, and performance standards. The goal of the process is to determine which candidates best meet the needs of the organization.

An assessment center is valuable for three main reasons

  • It helps organizations make informed decisions about hiring and staffing.
  • It helps candidates develop the skills necessary to succeed in their new roles. 
  • It helps organizations monitor and make improvements to their overall effectiveness. 

These reasons are common throughout most industries, but they are compelling in the fast-paced world of modern management. An assessment center is one of the most effective tools managers have at their disposal, and it should be.

An assessment center helps organizations make informed decisions for the benefit of all participants by allowing participants to rate each other on some different criteria. These rating patterns help group leaders hone in on talent that would best contribute to a particular goal or benefit. A balanced set of characteristics helps employees strive towards an overall positive persona that can be used throughout the organization.

An assessment center can be a simple online tool or a more elaborate method such as a professional private viewer. Many different methods are used to gather information from employees, potential candidates, or current employees about their work behavior, performance indicators, and organizational values. Often, companies will conduct a formal evaluation if they feel it is appropriate for their organization. In some cases, this process can lead to an offer of a position after the information gathering session.

Benefits of assessment centers include

  • They focus more on measuring job-related behaviors and skills
  • Help you improve your job performance and get hired for a better job
  • The center doesn’t care about your age, color, or gender
  • faster evaluations,
  • saving candidates time and money, 
  • eliminating the guesswork involved in evaluating candidates,
  • providing feedback that is 100% relevant and impacts the candidate’s performance,
  • tracking skill levels so they can be easily gauged despite varying degrees of technical knowledge.

The assessment center will evaluate you using a series of tests and questionnaires designed to simulate your typical day in employment. You will be evaluated on your overall performance, correspondence, ability to follow instructions, stay focused, show initiative and flexibility in solving problems, and teamwork. This type of performance can help an employer determine if you would make a good employee or unnecessary overtime expense.