American Accounting Association (AAA)

Definition: The American Accounting Association (AAA) is an independent not-for-profit membership association dedicated to improving public understanding of corporate and private accounting practices, emphasizing improving student learning and college assessment practices. 

The mission of the AAA is to advance responsible, professional practice in accounting education, research, and assessment. AAA conducts research that informs the practice of accounting and other related fields. In addition, it publishes peer-reviewed journals, produces reports and commentary, strives to improve professional relationships between practitioners, and advocates for changes in legislation, regulation, and practices that impact the practice of accounting.

Through their publications, professional libraries, online resources, and networking with other organizations, their aim is to: 

  1. Increase awareness of accounting as a profession; 
  2. Present solutions to real-world issues affecting accounting students and practitioners; and 
  3. Foster lifelong learning and professional development with educational content that is accessible to everyone.

AAA provides members with ongoing resources to help address issues of low funding, growing student workloads, the under-representation of women and minorities in the profession, and other challenges that arise. The Association’s goal is to remain the premier resource for accounting education, research, training, and public discussion within accounting, government, law, business, international studies, and related fields, among others.

American Accounting Association (AAA) publishes a variety of print and electronic publications for members and correspondents. It provides a forum for discussing accounting topics and activities, including peer-reviewed journal articles, technical reports, Internet content, and presentations.

It also hosts a website that contains information and multimedia assets on accounting topics. In addition, the AAA has a career center that offers job postings and other services to help accountants find employment, serve as a reference source, or advance their careers. The organization also publishes a quarterly journal, Accounting News, which provides industry experts with thought-provoking analysis and commentary on accounting concepts and issues.

The AAA publishes four periodicals; Accounting News, Accounting Horizons, Accounting Research Digest, and Accounting Horizons Monthly. Each covers a wide range of business topics. The monthly magazines provide more in-depth analysis and reporting on trends and developments in accounting research, practice, and education and reviews of accounting software products issued by companies around the world.

The AAA journals provide a comprehensive review of accounting research evidence from a wide range of perspectives. The authors of these peer-reviewed articles make use of the latest statistical techniques and methodologies as well as case study analysis to evaluate the impact of accounting policies and procedures on firms’ financial reporting transactions, assets, revenues, expenses, and profits.

American Accounting Association (AAA) is a professional association of accountants dedicated to improving public understanding of accounting principles, professional practice, and research methods through educational resources and research centers. As a member-based organization, AAA maintains an independent and flexible structure that responds rapidly to changing operational needs and societal shifts.