Ambush Marketing

Definition: Ambush marketing is one of the most common ways that businesses get free promotions. It is a form of free advertising via word-of-mouth advertising that allows vendors to spread their message about a product without spending money on advertising it through traditional media outlets or social media sites that payout based on results.

A good ambush marketing ploy takes advantage of some big event by attaching yourself with it in disguise when you’re not even part of it. Ambush marketing is a dirty little secret used by many marketers to boost their products’ visibility. It is completely legal, although some would consider it unethical. It is common for a small group of people to gain a competitive advantage through illegal means. For example, they will buy ad space on other businesses’ websites or even steal other marketers’ promotions to get noticed.

Ambush marketing might work well for a small business or startup, but it’s rarely going to be the best investment of your time or money. It isn’t likely to generate returns that justify the risk involved. 

Advantages of Ambush Marketing

  1. One of the best ways to increase your brand awareness is to ambush your competition.  Attacking an industry with low competition can help you drive more traffic and build your reputation as an authority in your industry. By attacking an industry head-on, you’re able to develop your advantage and end up driving more conversions than if you were trying to build it organically through activity on your website or social media accounts.
  2. Ambush marketing is a clever technique that has been around for many years. Companies that want to get their business done quickly, without any outside help but with their creative talents, are best used by companies that want to get their business done quickly. All you need to do is find ways of tricking your customers into buying something they might not otherwise buy, then use some media (ads, pictures, etc.) to promote it. There are several steps involved in this tactic, so you should have a plan before attempting it.

Disadvantages of Ambush Marketing

  1. Ambushing your company into buying something is an inexpensive way to get your product in front of users, but that’s not the best approach if you want your product to survive. Executives who ambush their businesses often don’t realize the damage they’re doing to themselves and their companies.
  2. It creates unhealthy competition between the companies.

Ambush marketing is a tactic used by businesses when they want to get a promotion going fast. It involves creating a situation where a competitor is assumed to be offering a discount, but it is, in fact, the business offering a lower price. The tactic works because people naturally look for the lowest price when presented with a choice. If it seems like a sale, the customer will probably walk away from the competitor without looking further.