Always Be Closing (ABC)

Definition: ABC – Always Be Closing represents an ongoing approach to closing deals for your customers and represents a new philosophy for approaching business. In a world of ever-changing expectations and rival approaches, ABC provides a fresh, predictable approach with consequences that depend upon the customer’s actions. As a result, it’s simple, persuasive, and effective – particularly in getting-the-last-word type reports and testimonials. ABC has helped its clients to achieve more than ever before and feels that its unique selling proposition – consistency in delivering results – is what makes it so successful.

ABC is a sales strategy that requires no technical knowledge. It works for anyone virtually anywhere in the world willing to sell a product or service to willing buyers over time. ABC is simple and easily understood, and it works. If you sell services online, ABC will serve you well. ABC consists of selling willing customers what they want while closing the deal on other potential purchasers while ensuring you get your money’s worth. Always be closing means never to stop trying to sell a good or service to somebody. That’s how you learn fast. Always Be Closing is about learning how to close deals by getting ready to buy from you and then closing the deal when they are ready to buy. It’s also about giving your dream clients exactly what they need so they don’t waste time looking for something that isn’t perfect for them

When you’re trying to close a sale, constantly move in one direction and then another – never stopping or resting before you close. If you try to use ABC in the wrong way, it can backfire because it can seem like you’re only trying to prolong the attempt instead of making sure you win.

Always be closing means never pass up an opportunity for more business. When you’re starting, you may think that it’s all about getting customers now and then. But if you don’t take advantage of every opportunity presented to you, you’ll eventually run out of money and be forced to close your doors. That’s when you start working for someone else that takes better advantage of every one of your skills.

ABC is a sales strategy that many successful businesses have used. ABC is to close the sale as soon as possible after placing an order with a customer. This allows the seller to focus on selling other items and capture any incentives offered by the customer. ABC encourages both customers and sellers to take action quickly, even if they aren’t 100% sure that the order they just placed is actually for the item they’re looking for.

ABC is about action, not prediction or prediction of results. It doesn’t say you should always do something, just that you should be open to alternative possibilities. It gives you the freedom to explore options while nudging yourself toward realizing you want something more. ABC is about action, not reaction. It’s expressed in the form of an arrow pointing in a specific direction: You should always be closing (becoming profitable) by focusing on growth opportunities now.  ABC is about closing the deal as quickly as possible. It isn’t about going into negotiations or deciding how much you’re going to spend. Just get it done.