Advertising – Types and Creating Effective Ads

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a marketing tool that involves promoting a company’s product or service by paying for space to communicate information about it. It allows businesses and charities to inform people about their products and services, pique their interests, and create excitement.

Advertising is promoting products, services, ideas, brands, or people through creative content. Creative content takes many forms, including text, images, sounds, and videos. 

Finding Your Ideal Customer

When identifying your ideal customers, look at demographic characteristics, including age, gender, education level, zip code, height, weight, and income.

Understanding the customer is crucial to building an effective marketing plan. If you can clearly define your target customers, then you can focus your advertising dollars on the media that will reach them most effectively for your company.

For example, if you were selling computer software, you might market it to individuals who work for large companies. Why? Because large businesses are the most likely to upgrade their technology. But keep in mind that what groups of people you target will vary based on the type of business you run. So if you’re selling artwork done by local children, you might want to focus on marketing towards parents with young kids.

Types of Advertising

There are several ways you can advertise your business

1. Online Advertising

You can advertise almost anything on the Internet. Even a generic consumer product can be advertised if you use a clever ad technique. Advertisers can utilize various means to reach their target customers, including paid search ads, Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook ads, etc. While online advertising is immensely popular, it’s by no means a simple task to gain an audience. One can also advertise through:

  • Email
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Business Webpages

2. Newspaper Advertising

There are many reasons why newspapers advertise. They might want to attract certain types of readers or drive traffic to their websites. Advertising in newspapers is different from other forms of mass communication such as television advertising or mass email marketing because newspapers don’t have to rely on advertising as much as other types of mass media do.

They may still use it, however, as an integral piece of their promotional strategy. The same kind of advertisement could be found in magazines

3. TV, Radio ads

Cable companies offer local channels for almost anything you could need. Phone companies do the same for their small areas. Not only will you reach your customers more accessible, but they can also reach more potential customers.

Not only this but they will offer you products that may be too expensive for those on TV or radio stations. Many focus on big companies, sports teams, music artists, or even businesses. Advertising on these channels can be costly compared to other forms of mass media, but it takes a lot less time.

4. Cold Calling

Cold calling is a tactic used by telemarketers to sell services or products. It involves using a natural, relaxed tone of voice that tends to come across as friendly and inviting. This may be accompanied by a small amount of information about the company and an offer for future services or products.

5. Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle wraps are a cost-effective way to advertise a product. By wrapping large trucks, you can reach a broader audience than market your product through regular flyers or newspapers.

Wraps can also be more visually appealing to customers than other forms of advertising. These advantages should help you market your product more effectively, especially in smaller towns with less advertising space.

Where to Advertise?

Different sources attracted different audiences. Some are more affordable, while others are costlier. Advertising your business cannot be done only once, hence the importance of knowing where to advertise.

Advertising is one of the significant expenses that a business has to contend with. There are several options for both large and small companies to advertise their goods or services. The priority should be placed on traditional advertising outlets like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations. These traditional outlets are still generally considered to be very effective for many different types of businesses. Other forms of advertising include

  • internet ads,
  • Youtube Videos,
  • Airport Kiosks,
  • audio messages,
  • billboards,
  • product packaging,
  • and many others.

Creating Effective Ads

Businesses use different methods of advertising to communicate messages about their products or services to potential buyers. These messages influence the buyer to be more likely to purchase the product or service instead of others. Every ad has five main components

1. Headlines

Headlines grab attention and move customers through an ad’s points. A powerful, well-written headline draws people in, and the right message keeps them reading your copy.

2. Subhead

A lot of ads benefit from having a subhead, like a book’s subtitle.

3. Body Copy

The main section where the product or service’s features and benefits are highlighted is called body copy.

4. Images

If you’re using radio, be sure to describe the product or service clearly. If you’re using print, include a picture of the product. Product photos and images illustrating key benefits help grab attention and provide information.

5. Call-to-action

The last part of the ad should include a call to action, an invitation for the consumer to take a certain step, or series of steps towards doing business with you.