Advertising Agency – Role and Types

What is an Advertising Agency?

An advertising agency (AG) is a professional company that creates commercial ads for businesses, organizations, or other parties on behalf of clients. In essence, an AG uses advertising as a tool to sell services and products to consumers. Advertising agencies obtain the ad space on print, broadcast, and online media; they sell time on which they spend researching the consumer’s needs and desires, and they distribute the ad most cost-effectively.

Each advertising agency is different as well as corporate. Each one may have a specific audience in mind when it comes to the advertising. Each agency will have something in standard overall, namely, an advertising concept that appeals to consumers.

William Taylor founded the first modern Advertising Agency in 1786. Other early advertising firms soon followed, including James “Jem” White in 1800 in London.

Role of Advertising Agencies

Although advertising agencies may have similar missions, their roles and responsibilities vary depending on the client. For instance, some large corporations will have a formal marketing department that creates awareness and buzz around their products. Other smaller companies might utilize a more informal approach.

  1. Advertising agencies provide the creative vision, the resources necessary to complete the project and execute the programming until the advertising campaign is fully realized. In essence, advertising agencies keep the lights on in an advertising campaign by creating an environment conducive to emerging high-quality ideas and concepts.
  2. Advertising helps people to know about products and services they may not usually hear about. Businesses can advertise to individuals through advertising agencies regardless of their geographic location, age, race, or gender.
  3. They make sure the message is communicated effectively across all mediums.
  4. Advertising agencies also research and develop new product placement ideas that appeal to those with a particular mindset or specific needs.

If you can make ads, why do you need to pay someone else? There are indeed many cases in which companies can make ads by themselves. There are online tools for small business owners to help them design their ads still they hire an advertising agency for the below reasons-

  • Agencies come with experts who can help make advertisements across various media channels like print, television, the internet, and other such channels. They also have a team of people specializing in different process aspects, such as copywriting and art direction.
  • The agencies pay the people to use their experience and knowledge to design creative advertisements.
  • Advertising agencies often have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and go out of their way to achieve it.
  • The best advertising agencies are fast, creative, and efficient at delivering results.
  • The costs of hiring an advertising agency are less than the costs of hiring your team.

Types Of Advertising Agencies

There are 5 types of Advertising Agencies

1. Full Service

A full-service advertising agency can be more reliable and efficient in fulfilling its client’s demands than a company limited to just creating advertisements. Full-service agencies provide marketing solutions that integrate with various technology platforms and business strategies. They also ensure that print and broadcast media Publications reach their intended customers.

Full-service advertising agencies do not just include those who invest in production but also those who handle advertising campaigns, public relations, event planning, and other related activities. It includes firms that rely on technology as a medium for communications.

Full-service agencies provide a full range of services for their clients. Along with traditional media buying and creative tasks, they provide specialized services such as strategic planning, branding, and mobile phone apps design.

2. Interactive advertising

Interactive advertising refers to an approach to marketing that places information in an interactive experience for the viewer. It consists of a team of graphic designers, programmers, and marketers who will work together to produce advertisements that will be interactive with web pages, mobile applications, and even physical locations. Interactive advertising agencies are definitely on the rise as of recent. 

Interactive advertising agencies are known for creating viral campaigns and designing relevant and engaging campaigns for long periods on social media. Even text messages that stay in mind can be used effectively as part of an interactive advertising campaign.

These agencies are specialized in creating special effects and effects that make messages stand out among the rest.

3. Creative Boutiques

Creative boutique advertising agencies are the fastest-growing type of advertising today. This fast-paced, small business approach is turning heads and keeping clients coming back for more.

These small agencies allow creative minds to come together to bring their vision to life. It’s rare to find an ad in today’s culture that isn’t creative in the most eye-catching way possible. These creative boutiques often have a knack for creating visuals and copy that stands out from the rest.

4. Media Buying Agencies

A media buying agency is an organization hired by the media personality to help them buy or sell media outlets. Media buying also includes all the necessary methods used in buying or selling any advertising space.

While media personalities can set their schedules for buying and sell advertising space, most agencies work together with these individuals so that their advertisements can be placed in the most favorable positions on the largest number of news programs, talk shows, magazines, and other print media outlets.

5. In-House Agencies

Big organizations usually prefer these in-house agencies because they provide all goods and services required under the deals and are made possible by their size and resources. The main reason for in-house agencies being preferred by big organizations is that these agencies provide customized solutions to their clients on different issues or situations.

They can arrange all kinds of solutions and solutions and concentrate on business development for their clients rather than dealing with small problems.

 In-house agencies handle everything from strategy, design partnerships, and client services to production, sales, and logistics. In-house agencies are commonly employed by large corporations, law firms, and financial institutions worldwide. They are most commonly found within the healthcare industry, where they are tasked with providing strategic planning, business development, and general business support services to corporate clients.

Many different types of companies need various types of advertisements because their products and services are so diverse. For example, a social message advertisement agency might work for an animal welfare charity. A financial advertisement agency might work for a bank or insurance company