Ad Blocking – Reasons and Benefits

What is Ad blocking?

Ad blocking uses computer software, a browser add-on, or a mobile application to exclude advertising content from the Web pages one views. Ad blocking is an easy-to-implement solution for reducing unwanted ads and speeding up your browsing experience.

Technologies and native countermeasures

Online advertising is added to various websites, apps, and games all over the Internet. It is mainly done by adding an ad to the sidebar of a website, or it can pop up as a new tab on your computer, just like the one below.

There are some ways you can remove or alter advertisements that show up on your computer. You can use browser plug-ins to block certain technologies, add sites to a special list, so you never see ads on them, or change default settings in your browser.

Reasons for blocking ads

There are many reasons why ad blocking is a great idea, including increased security, lower data consumption, and faster browsing. Following are the reasons why one can opt for ad blocking-

  • To protect their privacy, they will begin using ad blockers.
  • Ad blocking prevents your computer from being used to spread malware.
  • If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, try blocking ads. You’ll immediately notice how fast pages load and how much quicker your browser becomes.
  • The most common reason for blocking ads is to gain a better user experience.
  • Some ads are disturbing, and having flashing images is one of the reasons for blocking ads.
  • You can save the battery by enabling a service that allows you to block ads.
  • When a user visits your website, an Adblock can help you avoid letting an undesirable website grab ad revenue from that visit.

Benefits for blocking ads

Ad-blocking software benefits users and publishers by improving the user experience. It helps users load webpages faster, saves them time, improves performance, and allows users to block distracting ads.

Blocking ads saves electricity by reducing the energy consumption needed to stream video ads. It also saves the amount of energy needed to transmit the data packets that ads require.

1. User experience

Ad blocking reduces Internet users’ exposure to advertising and marketing industries that urges the users to purchase various consumer products and services that are harmful and create the urge to buy immediately.

Blocking ads saves the user’s time and bandwidth. By blocking display ads, ad blockers prevent users from exposing millions of annoying ads with blinking content, flashy ads with sound, or full-page-sized ads. Users are spared from pop-ups and redirects and prevented from clicking on such ads. Ad-blocking software also helps the advertising industry avoid wasting millions of dollars a year in advertising infrastructure costs.

2. Security

Security is the top priority for every internet user. Ad blockers block ads that may contain malicious code and protect users against being exposed to this risk. They also remove the clutter that slows down your internet browsing experience.

3. Monetary

When you use an ad blocker, you reduce the amount of data transferred over your network. In some cases, that reduction can result in big savings when you’re sending or receiving large files. It will also let advertisers know they’re wasting their money.

Using Adblock helps you avoid seeing ads that you don’t want to see, speeding up your internet experience, and saves your data plan money.

What are the best ad blockers?

The few best ad blockers are:

  1. Adblock Plus
  2. AdBlock
  3. Poper Blocker
  4. Stands Fair AdBlocker
  5. uBlock Origin
  6. Ghostery