Account Representative

Who is an Account Representative?

Definition –  An Account Representative is an employee who works for an organization that provides customer support. Their primary duty is to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. An Account Representative can assist clients in numerous ways.

They’re in the place to help quicken account delivery, promptly resolve issues, provide solution solutions when necessary, and empathetically handling issues that may lead someone to lose money or fear of security or public perception.

Account Representative duties and responsibilities

Account Representatives are the unsung heroes of a small business. They do an important job that is often overlooked or undervalued. While they are not financial experts and cannot predict the future, they can help an organization grow and succeed by providing customer service, advising customers on managing their finances properly, and keeping clients updated on account-related issues. 

The primary purpose of an account Representative position is to maintain customer relationships and support impacted clients’ needs. An account representative should work directly with clients to answer questions, manage account information, provide rewards options, fix misperceptions and improve communication between departments.

An Account Representative performs several tasks that range from:

  • An account representative ensures customer loyalty through communication with clients, answering questions, or resolving customer complaints.
  • This person may also play a key role in handling billing, invoicing, and analyzing financial trends to best assist company management.
  • The job of an account representative is to conduct and manage the company’s business activities. This includes marketing, advertising, and selling products, monitoring accounts, and managing client demand.
  • An Account Representative is a highly accountable individual who assists in maintaining client files and distributing invoices.
  • An Account Representative is also responsible for auditing all client files quarterly to maintain accurate record-keeping.
  • Generate sales from existing and new clients by up-selling or cross-selling company products and services.
  • As a representative, they collaborate with multiple departments to help generate sales leads for potential clients.
  • Account Representatives are responsible for educating clients about their products, building customer loyalty, and of course, closing sales.

What does an Account Representative do?

The primary purpose of an account Representative position is to maintain customer relationships and support impacted clients’ needs. An account representative should work directly with clients to answer questions, manage account information, provide rewards options, fix misperceptions and improve communication between departments.

Account Representative Requirements


This job requires you to have a minimum of a high-school diploma or a GED certificate. Some positions will prefer that you have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in the field. Candidates are preferred to have majors in business-related fields such as marketing and communications.


A typical account representative training program includes formal and informal instruction in various areas, including product knowledge, customer service, ethics, negotiation skills, relationship management, and sales management. Many account representatives and technicians receive on-the-job training to become fully familiar with the company’s system. Account Representatives often attend training programs before being placed in an account. These programs are designed to teach Account Representatives everything from handling difficult client situations and how to use the technology within their firm.

Account representative Skills

The Account Representative’s role requires a variety of skills, both hard and soft. They include:

  • To be a representative must have the ability to use communication skills, inbound marketing, buyer needs, and sales process skills to sell an idea through storytelling, teamwork, and negotiation skills.
  • A successful Account Representative is a creative, well-rounded professional with superior communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to deliver excellent service. They must have an interest in emerging technologies and a strategic vision.
  • You should be able to demonstrate a strong work ethic and an ambitious attitude. You need to be able to prospect, pitch, and close new clients.
  • Account representatives resolve customer complaints and other issues—which requires strong customer service skills.
  • As an Account Representative, you are required to have excellent written and verbal communications skills.
  • Accounts representatives are responsible for overseeing client records and ensuring clients receive the assistance they need. They use strong time management and interpersonal skills to prioritize tasks and meet their clients’ needs on time.
  • With existing clients, account representatives need strong problem-solving skills to resolve issues that arise. With prospective new clients, they need strong problem-solving skills to overcome objections.
  • Account representatives focus on client billings and invoicing, as well as providing clients with account information. These professionals handle a variety of accounting activities and must follow all accounting principles.
  • Among the job duties of an account, Representative include creating new accounts while managing existing client accounts. This is a role that requires good multi-tasking skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • As an account representative, you will be required to have proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite of products and have the ability to type a minimum of 50 wpm. You will need to know the necessary software for your role (such as our CRM).

Account Representative salary expectations

Most account representatives work full-time as permanent employees, although some might work part-time or as temporary employees. Although their salary depends on some factors, including the company they work for, their education level and relevant work experience can also impact their income.

Depending on the company and the career path, the salary for an account representative can vary greatly from $22,918 to $88.532 per year.

What makes a good Account Representative?

To become a good and successful Account Representative, one must have the below qualities:

  • Responsible
  • Pro-active
  • Empathetic
  • Strategic
  • Service-oriented
  • Team player
  • Problem Solver
  • Good communicator

Who does an Account Representative report to?

An Account Representative works under the supervision of a Manager (or Manager’s designee). They typically report to the company’s Accounting Manager, Senior Financial Analyst, or Chief Compliance Officer.

What is the difference between an Account Representative and an Account Executive?

Account Representatives are responsible for selling products and services to potential customers. Account Executive is responsible for nurturing existing customers and helping them achieve specific goals and objectives.

An Account Representative typically has a sales background and may have worked for a company before becoming an Account Executive. They are more likely to be proactive than an Account Executive as they can usually work things out quicker and more efficiently.

An Account Executive may recommend which accounts to close, what products to promote, and how to handle account inquiries like opening new accounts or adding funds to an existing account. An Account Representative can be more hands-on, typically visiting clients more often and following up with them weekly or monthly.

While an Account Representative will need to handle several customer service requests daily, an Account Executive will typically have much more freedom to handle specific customer service campaigns from cold-calling to scheduled appointments.