Definition: The term Abend refers to an error in the functioning of a computer, smartphone, or other hardware devices in process of operation, which may prevent the normal operation of the device and/or data collected by it. It is used in the context of a technical as well as a non-technical issue. 

There can be several reasons for an abend. The abend may merely be an indication that hardware or software components aren’t working as they should, but it can also indicate some sort of malfunctioning on the part of the system architect. An abend may also occur due to some sort of malfunctioning within one or more computers or networks, causing network congestion, systems slowdowns, or even total failures.

Abend is denied termination of a program in which normal termination occurs, regardless of user actions. Abend is abnormal in that it is done without any attempt at recovering from the error and in the presence of a persistent error message. It is a term referring to the belief that some error should never be terminated and/or the recovery to the point where they can be allowed to persist without intervention even after an effort to diagnose, correct and/or prevent the error.

Abends can happen when a program is trying to access a resource that it does not own or it cannot access because it is bounded so tightly by another program or process. These simple mistakes can have dire consequences for an application, making it crash or otherwise not work as expected. Abends are generally the result of faulty software logic in the application or operating system itself.

An abend can be valuable to identify and solve bugs quickly, without requiring a technician to try to replicate later failures. The availability data provided by an abend is useful for troubleshooting performance issues in applications. Developers can also use abends to improve and adjust their applications for optimal performance during testing and debugging.

The best solution to avert an abend is to set appropriate limits for software programs, monitor RAM and disk usage to remove stacked copies and implement regular backups.